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This has nothing to do with your post, but I am hoping as a 500E owner you can help me out. There is a 1992 500E for sale here in Washington state for $28,500 with 87k miles. I have not seen the car yet but am very interested in it. I've been told it is flawless but that is the dealer talking. What should I be looking for in this auto? How do the miles sound to you? And is the price in there as well? Are there any odd things that are problem areas for this year/model. Is it a gas hog??? and what mileage can I expect say just cruising on a 100 mile freeway trip? Are parts costly and difficult to get?

I own a 1995 E320 with only 33k miles and love it...but want a bit more...umph. But I dont want to break the bank trying to keep it running (like my '94 BMW 740 which fell apart every month).

thanks for the help
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