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Steering box hell!!! URGENT

so i was pulling out of a gas station and my steering started making a horrible sound so i turned the car off and i had no p/s fluid in the pumps reservoir so i topped it of and it spitted it out again so i went under the car for instepction and the seal thats on the steering boxe's arm the one the attaches to the pitman arm the one with the splines, the seal went out of place, you see the seal was replaced by the dealer like 3 months ago because of a small leak, and it was fine until now, see its not like a little damaged, i topped of the reservoir and in less than ten seconds it was empty, i can even see a piece of the seal out of its hole, ok so the dealer is an hour away and a tow truck is very expensive, can i do a temp fix so i can get to the dealer or what? i was going to remove the pitman arm and try to put the seal back into place so i could get to the dealer but i wanted youre advise first, do i have to take out the steering box and have the seal pressed in again? or can i get it back in again myself?

please my car is sitting in a gas station and i dont want to leave it there.

1985 190e 2.3 16v euro
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