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1997 C230: Air Con Problem, Pls. Help Diagnose

Howdy. The climate control cooling function on my 1997 C230 is acting up

So long as the car is moving, the AC is good and cold like it always was.

However, starting this Summer, when I stop moving for longer than half a minute, (traffic light, major gridlock, etc.) the compressor disengages and the air flowing from the vents gradually gets warmer and warmer. When I start moving, it starts blowing cold.

Id really appreciate some help.

Ive searched the forum quite a bit and have just about concluded that the culprit is the evaporator temperature sensor.

So my questions then are first, how to positively test that the evap. temp. sensor is the issue, and second, how to install a new one?

(Im familiar with pulling the values and codes from the climate control PBU).

Thanks very much in advance. Best regards,

1988 300 SL (5 Speed)
1994 E320 Wagon
1997 C230
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