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Ouch! my condolences.

From my experiences, clear coat over color is the only way to go. In fact, in appropriate circumstances, color is computer-matched and then applied only to the damaged region, feathered away from the damage by practiced (artful) control of the sprayer to blend into the existing color, and then the whole panel is clear coated. This clear coat is then flattened with an ultra fine grit polish, especially on vertical panels. Think I'd look into another shop.

Sounds like a good opportunity to respray the hood with same.

Hard to say for sure from the pics, but the damage doesn't seem so bad (deep) that a good shop couldn't restore the original contour, either with a little fill or perhaps using PDR tools. Are the doors, windows, seals still in good alignment?

Can't touch new door panels for $1000 job total, I'm pretty sure. I'd prefer to retain the originals if possible. Then you also avoid problems with improper reassembly of the interior door components (glass, seals, locks, etc.).

my 0.02
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