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Originally posted by ScottyC190E:
Just to make sure, you probably paid $430 for these euro lights from bekkers right? (I'm looking for a better deal)

hi scotty,

actually i did not get my lights from beckkers.i looked every place i could before i bought them.i mean i did my homework.
if you want to upgrade your amber turn signals [to clear ones]or if you want the "euro" look of the clear ones. beckkers does have the best overall pricing on the combo[lights & turn signals].
they are not cheap and not everyone can go for it, they make SO much differnce on my 300e.
if & when you get them make sure you have the"city lights" hooked up also, they are very *****in'.
take care.


*1992 300e
*euro lights
*clear turns
*white/grey blue guts

*98 Explorer
*goodrich all terrains
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