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I just bought a second 190E 2.3-16, Euro model, that has had a cat failure. On my first one, I owned the car until I gave it to my son recently. The cat failed on that car because the pipes coming to it rusted and the casing itself corroded away in 15 years of daily use in the Northeast. I replaced it with an aftermarket unit that fit just fine, and has worked for another 3 or so years. The car has 216,000 miles now.

The second car has 120,000 miles and is on its third cat now. The first replacement occured in 1992, so I don't feel too much like I am heading in the direction of your experience. Yet. But your tale makes me nervous. In the second car when the cat went my wife was driving it and she drove it until the car would not move. It would start and idle but not rev past 2,000 rpm. The car runs fine now with the new cat installed, and it has been running fine for about 1,000 miles.

I can't really offer a solution but am very interested in the way your problem works out. Please keep us informed on how this saga pans out for you, if you don't mind. Good luck, Jim
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