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You hit the nail on the head EXACTLY....

What you described was "educating your customer". I agree 100% that most customers may not fully grasp the technical aspect of the repair but they will feel much more at ease with the shop and that is an excellent way to build trust....and it costs almost nothing!

This philosophy is exactly what I would like to bring to the business. I see that is really lacking...atleast where I am from.

With regards to the rental car side...thanks for the input. I will investigate that avenue as well.

I do not for a minute believe that a "wood and leather" waiting room will ensure the success of any business. But...lets not forget that an ever growing populace of luxury car drivers are women and that they value these attributes highly. If you doubt that simply look at the trend toward "Exxon Supermart" type gas stations. They too know that clean and well lit means more business.

I believe it to be a small investment toward a more professional and hopefully reputable experience for the customer.

Thanks again for all the help!

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