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Hey everyone,

Just went out to check the oil yesterday and as usual I pulled off the oil cap and breather hoses. This time I didn't like what I saw. There was some white crud on the oil cap (so I assume its all over the inside of the valve covers) and also in the breather hoses. This has happened in the past, and I assume its just condensation. My wife has been driving the car to work and back everyday and that's about all the use it sees. Also it has been going below freezing everynight lately. I am assuming that her trip (while engine temp gets up - I asked her to look out for this ) is too short to heat the oil properly and we are getting condensation on the inside of the valve covers and breatherhoses which freezes at night. I'm going to clean out the breather hoses myself today and have my mechanic clean out the valve covers this week. Also, yesterday and again today I had the car out on the highway for about an hour or more trying to burn the condensation out of the oil. Is there anything else I can do? I already change my oil every two months (about 1500-2000 miles). My dad says he had a similar problem in his dodge ram (also V-8) and his problem was aggrivated by something to do with the positive crank case ventilation. Could this have anything to do with my case, or is it just driving habits? We didn't have this problem last year because we were parked indoors so the car hardly ever saw freezing weather, and when it did go out it was on long trips (we could both walk to work then). This year she has to drive and I take the transit system all the way downtown, and the car is outside all the time. Is there any other fix for this, or should I just get it cleaned out now and when I get home everynight take the car out on the highway for an hour? I think that this would be pretty expensive with the price of gas lately.


Jason Priest

Jason Priest
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