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timing chain rails - is it enough?

Iím getting ready to schedule a service appointment for my 92 400SE (V8 Engine 119.971) to have the valve cover gaskets replaced because both the right and left gaskets are leaking oil next to the distributor caps.

Since my car has 103,000 miles I was wondering if it would be advantageous, since the valve covers will be off, to also have the UPPER TIMING CHAIN GUIDE RAILS (left and right) replaced. Iíve done several searches concerning timing chain maintenance at 100k miles and it seems there are VARIOU opinions concerning timing chain replacement.

Since I donít have a problem and I only want to perform preventative maintenance, what would you suggest? Maybe just replace the upper timing chain guides and the chain tensioner? I want to remain cautious, but I donít want to spend thousands to replace the chain and etc...

Thanks for anyoneís recommendations or suggestions!

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