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pulsating brakes and noise(help me please!)


Some time ago, I had a problem with my brakes pulsating when coming to a stop around the 20mph area. The feeling was like someone pumping the brakes ever so slightly. I was told by my mechanic that my rotors my have been warped(spelling?)

I then once it was time to change out, had them change front pads to porterfield dustless(works great) as well as the front rotors which was as rotor they had in stock that had holes drilling into them. I also changed back rotors and pads, but with OEMs.

The first few days were fine exept for the fact that now and currently when slowing from say 55 once I get to about 40 I get a low tone noise that sounds like rough tire noise (not squeel) and that tone gets deeper as the car slows. That is one issue.

The next is after a few day of no pulsating, it returns. The guys check the rotors and inform me that after placing them on either a machine or putting some kind of tool to them that measures rotor(I am not a mehanic) depth or straightness. They tell me that my rotors are fine, but I may have something going on with ABS.

so, to recap:

1. noise at low rpm stopping(I think it is drilled rotors)
2. pulsating

Any ideas at all from you guys, as I would like to solve both issues at my 150K service coming up in a week or two.

I have '93 400e


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