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[QUOTE]Originally posted by duron
[B]Thanks Mark, I will have them check it out as I am up for the 150K service. I don't know the brand of rotors they installed, but once the installation was done, I did not have the problem until a few days or so later. I was told after the fact that I should never rinse the rims after a ride as everything would be hot including the rotors and that this may cause the warping.

You just Answered your own Question...If You Hosed them off when the brakes are Hot ..YES you WILL Warp them..theres The Problem...Cold Water and Hot Rotors Do Not Mix !
Hope they can Machine the rotors to save them...

Do you like drilled or no drilled and could the drilled ones cause the noise that I have braking at speeds of 55mph?

Yes I Have The Crossdrilled rotors on my cars Since the 80s Including Several of My Porsches without any problems..I Have The Rotors Treated ala cold Dip That Helps them last up to Three times longer..Porterfield did My rotors
And Yes You can hear Some Noise from them ..The Air Passing Through them..Hissing..No Big Deal to me..Others Say The Cross drilled rotors warp rotors...Porsche has had Drilled rotors since 1978 on the 930 With NO problems..And The Late Mercedes Are Drilled ...left pattern only..Without any problems..go figure
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