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Question ignition key all of a sudden will not turn 400E HELP!!!

I just went out and tried to turn the ignition key on my 92 400E,
- it did not move. I tried a back up key with no results also.
So I have a locked steering column - I have removed the lower cover and now have access to the steering lock mechanism
I have it so I can at least put the car in neutral . Problem is the Mercedes manual gives great directions on removing the steering lock -BUT ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE THE KEY IN THE NUMBER one position!!!!!!!!!!!! Since I can not get the key in this position
it seems that the steering lock PIN that I must push in to remove the steering lock assembly WILL NOT PUSH IN ---- Now I am looking at removing the tumbler assembly but GUESS WHAT --The directions say to TURN THE KEY TO NUM 1 POSITION --Yeah sure
because if I could I would not be in this mess. Anyone out there
have any answers to how I can get this thing to get back on the road????? The car is a 1992 400e --- It would be nice to have a car that works ---- I have my daughters car up in the air and am doing a brake repair on that one and my other Mercedes is in the hands of my son. Please help an old pirate
PIRATERACER -next step is to drill the pin out so I can remove the locking ignition. ?? how much damage will that do
CAR HAs 180,000 miles on it
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