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Craig (afmcorp),

The ignitor--model 1885--can be found for $70 at this link.

This add on retains a stock look and is obvious only by the two wires that go from the distributor to the coil instead of one as is the case when stock. Only draw back i experienced is that the distributor seal-off grommet that came with the kit is too small and must be sealed off with RTV or other means. No longer have to worry about worn cam lob, point float and dwell or whatever was giving me less than optimal performance. Huge difference in performance as something was causing the car to shutter whenever i hit the acceleration hard with the breaker point system in place. Alot cheaper than replacing the primitive transistorized ignition module as well when it fails.

My starter cranks a little longer (a few more seconds) with a hot engine but it is not spinning any slower. It's not a big deal but would be nice if the car started right up when hot as quickly as when at room temp. One day i'll look into this.

Still need to perform timing check at different RPMs to verify good operation of the centrifical advance.

1972 450SL
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