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Wiring Harness and Head Gasket

The C280 wiring harness was upgraded late in the 1995 model year so the 1996 models do not have the wiring harness issue as do late model year 1995's. Other 1995 C280 models most likely have had their wiring harness's replaced by now since most have failed by now. If you are thinking of buying a 1995 model you should check to see if the harness has been replaced, since once it has, it should no longer be a concern.

The 1995 C280 model has the head gasket issue and I think (but am not sure) that the 1996 model also has this issue. I have a 1995 C280 with 78,000 miles and mine is still not leaking. However, when it does, it only causes an external oil leak and does not need immediate renewing as long as you can put up with the dripping oil.
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