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Stuck Ignition Lock

If the tumbler is exposed try tapping it with a hammer several times. This repetative impact should jar the tumblers enough to drop into position which may allow one turn of the key.

If you have access to Air and you have an Air Hammer place your pin bit in the hammer. Spray some tri-flow (or equivalent) into tumbler, slide the key in and out several times, insert the key and place the point of the hammer bit next to the key. With very controlled air release on the tool begin hammering while rotating the key at the same time............key should turn within a few seconds.

I developed this technique several years back, works on 90% of them. If you are unable to get the key to rotate within 15 to 20 seconds go to option two.

R&R A1 (Instrument Cluster) do not forget to unclip the speedometer cable from the under-dash panel.
R&R lower dash panel, remove clamping ring, with a Die Grinder and a dental style bit grind the hardened pin. With the right tooling you should be through the pin in under a minute.

Avoid using a drill unless you hate your drill bits!

Good Luck
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