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M110.98x valve adjust - something funny.. going on.

280CE '84 (European, no CAT) with 145000km's. Idle is rather rough, but accelerates and runs nicely on the highway. Not too much valve-clatter either. Uses no (zero :-) oil.

20000km's since last valve adjustment so this weekend i took off the valve cover, to see if a valve adjustment would help a bit on the idle - and since it was time anyway.

I have read George Murphys article on 110 valve adjustment, but when i pull the spring clips off the rocker arm, the arm can be moved in all directions, up/down, back/forth,side/side, with a rather "large" margin.

So what is wrong here ?
Should i take off the spring clips, as Mr. Murphy suggests, then adjust, which felt pretty impossible, due to the rocker-arm "rocking" sideways - or adjust with the springs clips on ?

The adjustment nuts are rather tight, but as i read in other posts, this is pretty normal.

If i adjust with the spring clips on, it is pretty easy to acheive the right gap between rocker arm/cam lobe, but with the spring clip off, a great deal of adjustment must be done.

I finally did this and it made idle a little better, but am now having second thoughts.

Input apreciated, so thanks in advance.

I have a small mpeg movie of the rocker arm movement (3Megs), Anybody interested, send me an email on : jesper.bach@(remove this first) if you would like to take a peek.


Jesper Bach
280CE '84
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