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parting out 1986 190E 2.3

It's about my 86 190E 2.3
It got into a fender bender and went to the body shop. little did they know that while the car was hit the oil pan was broken as well by hitting the side curb under the car.
the body shop tried to start the car with no oil in it and seized the engine !
well since then i've rebuilt the engine, put in a new trans kit bought all the parts, new grill, bumper, headlights, fan etc but never had the time or enthusiasm to work on it or take it to the body shop.
At this point I'm just ready to sell it.
So for anyone whois interested in the car either for a rebuilt engine (less than 500 miles driven since rebuild), or if you need it for the parts etc. Let me know.
I'm looking for around 2 to 3K for the whole thing if possible. everything's operational but it'll have to be towed given it has been driven for a while and the grill etc has not been mounted. The parts are all OEM that I bought from the mercedes dealer to be installed.
Color is Gold, with beige interior. The airbag was deployed when it was hit so obviously that can't be used.
the odometer has 145K on it.
email me or post your email here. I def. need to get rid of it and I'll take any reasonable offers. I don't plan on selling individual pieces. I want to sell it all as one piece.
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