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Is there any MB cars that use have electric power doors/trunk/gas flap etc...?

Dear friends:

Are there any MB cars that have power doors/trunk/gas flap etc... that use electric switches instead of vacuum actuators? Every MB car (which is older than 1990) that I have run across ALWAYS have problems with power doors/trunk/gas flap, and I must say that this is too much annoying and frustrating for me. The Japanese cars use the electric switches and they have never failed, at least for all the old Japanese cars that my friends and I have ever owned.

Also, when the vacuum stuff works, why on earth MB engineers wanted to design a gas flap that is unlocked whenever the driver door is unlocked. If the vacuum system fails or the flap actuator fails, the gas flap is always unlocked and exposed to malfeasance by good-for-nothing people.

Oh well, if someone asks me what is the thing that I hate most about MB cars, I would say it's the failure-prone (I would say "pathetic") vacuum power doors/trunk/gas flap etc...

Just my 2 cents.

Best regards,

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