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new cam and ball studs

just to add to chuck's post...

now that you have run different rockers on your cam (each lobe and rocker have a unique relationship) that is to say that when you remove a rocker every publication tells you to keep the relation of which rocker went where so that you won't migrate a problem of bad lifter to the cam..

even when you first start any new cam with new lifters once you've established oil pressure you must raise the rpm for proper break in of the cam. now that you have switched rockers to you cam you may have drug in another set of wear patterns which may shorten the service life of your cam.

now with that said i ran my 88 for several months banging away. i figured the cam was already lunched so how much more could i damage it. what really got me motivated to fix the problem is that it was embarassing at drive thrus. when i finally pulled it down i had only 1 rocker that failed. the cam had ground about .060 in off the top of the rocker. well that grinding also took the cam out. now the 1 rocker was bad 7 were still good but i wouldn't dare put an old rocker with wear patterns on a new cam. think about it... you wouldn't put a new bearing on an old race that had been scored right!!

good luck with your project and let us know how things turn out.
Thanks Much!

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