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Transmission Q:s - help me enlightened ones!!

Hi Again,

I have adjusted the "bowden cable" a bit on my 1984 500 SEL to make the shift pattern slightly less sporty. I have also adjusted the vacum modulater 3 notches clockwise in order to firm up the shifts a bit (as I have seen should be the correct direction by searching through different mails on this forum).

The reason for these adjustments was that i wanted the car to be less sporty and also to avoid shift flare when the transmission is cold.

The flare is only happening when the transmission is at lower temperatures for about 5-6 miles after which it is quite good.

After the adjustements I got the shift pattern right but the cold flare was slightly worse and dissapeared after the car warmed up when the shifts were slightly harder that before (although not bad in any way).

Is there anyone with enough knowledge on the list that can explain why the modulater adjustment didnīt reduce the flare? Is there some sort of temperature compensation on these older transmissions as is on the modern electronically ones? And last how do I determine if my vacum modulator is faulty or not?

Sorry about the long post but Iīm a bit frustrated.

Our input is really needed.

Many thanks,

Mikael Westerberg
1984 500 SEL
Vanersborg, Sweden
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