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PS: 6th question (Steve; Benzmac; Germanstar): Electrical:

****Oops...forgot an essential issue: Electrical.

If I just bypass where this add-on was and reconnect fuel line direct, so there is no frequency involved, and revert back to continuous mechanical as car was designed, am I screwing up the elecrically stimulated firing? Remember: there was an electrical lead to this extra injector used as an in-line advance frewquency valve. This wiring goes to back of firewall, then joins with another, and disappears.

Coincidentally, when I had air cleaner assembly off, I notice that a line from alternator to top of engine (with 4-pronged plug at end) was only half-depressed in. so I naturally pushed it back in. Of course, haven';t started car since gas leak.

My question is: Did the extra wiring evidently put in when car was converted to US specs change firing sequence? I doubt it, but I need your input before I simply replace hose and hook-up line.

And again, what type hose would you suggest?

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