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I think this is the right list for your car:

91 & later 300 series (2.8L and 3.2L)
1 No faults.
2 Oxygen sensor inoperative.
3 Lambda control inoperative.
4 Air injection inoperative.
5 EGR inoperative.
6 Idle speed control inoperative.
7 Ignition system failure.
8 Coolant temp sensor-open or short circuit.
9 Intake air temp sensor-open or short circuit.
10 Voltage at Air Mass sensor too high or low.
11 TN (RPM) signal defective.
12 Oxygen sensor heater open or short circuit.
13 Cam position sensor signal from-EZL/AKR ign. control unit defective.
14 Intake manifold pressure at start too low.
15 Full throttle Info defective.
16 Idle speed info defective.
17 CAN Data exchange-Malfunction between control units.
18 Adjustable camshaft timing solenoid-open or short circuit.
19 Fuel injectors-open or short circuit or Emission control system adaptation at limit.
20 Speed signal missing.
21 Purge switchover valve-open or shorted.
22 cam position sensor signal defective.
23 Intake manifold pressure w/ engine running too low.
24 Starter ring gear segments defective.
25 Knock sensors.
26 Upshift delay switch over valve-open or shorted.
27 Coolant temp sensor deviation between sensor ciruits 1 & 2.
28 Coolant temp Sensor.
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