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I have two Euro 240D's. One is a parts car, the other a driver.

There are obvious differences which include; bumpers, headlights, headlight leveling switch, metric guages and different interior trim. The euro cars have different models as far as trim, and option combinations. The diesels have different injection pumps, I expect that the gas models would have different injection systems as well, but I'm not sure about that. The engines will definitely be different because they do not have to meet the same emissions standards.

There will probably be a different gear ratio combination.

You are saying German, are you sure it's from Germany, or just not a US model. If it is from Germany, it was probably driven hard and fast on the Autobahn which wears engines out MUCH faster than 70 and 80 MPH like we drive here. Europe has many countries, most all of which have speed limits except Germany. If you want the car for parts, how deep do you get into car work? Having a Euro spec. parts car puts forth some interesting combinations that you could build, such as different gear ratios, and of course the Euro headlights(if the car still has them).

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Larry Bible
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