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Thanks to someone here, I got a recommendation for a Bosch Fuel Injection manual. I got a copy and it is very good.

In the manual it shows how to retrieve fault codes by using a spare fuse in the fuel pump relay for the KE3 Jetronic. I cannot find the fuel pump relay, or the MB application does not provide this in the fuel pump relay. The book indicates that by using the fuse and following the procedure, the check engine light will flash the stored codes.

Does anyone know where to do this? I would expect that this can be done if you know where to do it. I hate to be forced to go to the dealer to retrieve the codes with their diagnostic link. I have been retrieving codes using nothing more than a paperclip on my POS Vette for quite some time, I would like to know the secret on this one.

Thanks for any help you can offer,
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