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I have checked the Electrical T.S.M. but there is no mention in there for trouble codes. However here is what I found in the Service Manual Engine 103,under the heading : "Testing electrical components of CIS-E injection system.

Basic and national versions.

A. Without trouble diagnosis by means of on-off ratio

Up to March 1986 no fault detection is integrated in CIS-E control unit.

B. With trouble diagnosis by means of on-off ratio

Starting March 1986, faulty input signals are detected by CIS-E control unit and transmitted to lambda measuring output (the round six-pole connector on the left front fender). Faults are picked up by means of lambda control tester at diagnosis socket.

Fault detection permits testing different components of CIS-E injection system by means of measuring the on-off ratio.
Fault detection of control units:

On-off ratio indication Control unit

70% with fault detection
100% without fault detection "
Sorry but it seems you are out of luck here (unless of course you have one of those lambda meters :-).
Perhaps you can post the problem here and someone maybe able to help you out.

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