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Thanks steve for the comment

I particular liked to see that you said that numbers means nothing to you and that these cars are all about condition. This means I hope that the 13000 I paid for it is not totally out the window now that all the mechanical repairs has been done.
Latest thing I did was the rotors and brakes all around and what a difference it made for rolling on the highway!!
I totally agree that these 126 bodies are the best MB's for any money. In particular if one finds a well kept one for around 8-10000. They are not to hard on the maintenance and they actually ride very nice even compared to the 140. I would love to have a S600 - 140 but I am not there monetary yet. I am kind of torn between a S600 - 140 or a E55 from 00-02. From a reliability issue which one would not make the 1/2 mill mark given perfect maintenance??
I realize maintenance and running cost are different but that's expected.
I hope to be able to buy some time next year but in the meantime what do I do in terms of deciding???

Jay E. I would love to meet with you sometime to see your two MB's. Which is your favorite, E55 or the 500E, and why??

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