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Angry vibrations in the car.

1994 Euro C180.

Lately I have been having quite a bit of background vibrations in the car particularly in the floor and the seats and steering wheel when parked with engine running. What can this be? Engine mounts? Bad tuning? suspension problems?

With 4 people in the car, the sus feels quite hard and we feel the road a lot more than usual. When I am in the car alone. its a lot better. I may have to let the pressure out a bit to see if this will help. The extreme would be to have the shocks replaced. I could also change to a new set of "softer" tyres like Bstones, Yokohamas or Toyos. I have ?Malaysian? Simes 195s. The rubber sides are pretty hard and the threads are a lot deeper and wider.

There seems to be quite a bit of rattling noises in the dash, front area in the engine bay or the wiper base area. I really can't find anything loose to make such noises. The noises come on when travelling on rougher surfaced sealed roads and unsealed roads. Sometimes even on smooth roads the noise comes on. I have a feeling there is some metallic object running around somewhere in there left behind by a repairer or it came loose by itself. Very irritating for me as the driver. My passengers never complained.
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