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Some leakage from fuel mixture screw


In attempting to adjust my fuel mixture screw (on rear of fuel distributor (3mm alen; 77 450 SEL K-Jetronic system CIS), I found that it was all the way tight in. Meaning, as far as it could go in clockwise.

When I loosened it to back off, I startewd getting some drops of gas from around sscrew flange. I quickly re-tightend screw, and seems to have stopped the droplets from oozing. But it's again in the all-the-way-in super rich position. I'm wondering if that's why the original owner had it in there tight, and thus rich. so the screw wouldn't leak.

anyway, has this happened to anybody else? any suggestions, other than just getting a whole new fuel distributor for this ridiculous situation?
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