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Exclamation Input-Survey on Types of Mercedes

Hello All.

I hope all is well. Here is something, I keep looking but can't find the collective focused opinion.

I have owned only 2 mercedes, 190D and 98 W210 (e320), however, everytime I bought a mercedes, I love the car, engineering.. and I am totally into the car. when I buy lexus, BMW, It just sits there and I am not into the cars, especially Lexus, ( Boring car) I do like BMW, my second choice.

Anyway, I go thru pain owning mercedes, since it is not as reliable as Toyota and Honda. I also have Honda SUV, and believe me I dont even want to sit in it. I just change oil and let others drive it.

I currently have 98 W210 and I love the car, I have fixed lots of things and fixed things not needing attention such as Crankshaft Balancer. The car runs great.

Now here is my question for the survey, I want to buy old Mercedes, since they go for cheap price, no preference.

This will help me and other potential buyers. 1980 thru 1994

1. Which mercedes do you think is most reliable?
2. Which Mercedes has common problems?
3. Which diesel Mercedes is reliable?
4. What number translates into the USA model.. (eg. W210, 140 etc and what year?)
5. How long the good one's last on average, mileage wise?

I read some mercedes had wiring problems, some are trouble, and some are bullet proof engineering.

ALL COMMENTS ARE GREATLY APPECIATED. I look at some long body style MB and they look so classy, I was thinking buying the long body style, maybe Diesel.

PLEASE give model number such as 300 along with W140, so I can compare the prices on E bay etc..

Thanks again.
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