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Unhappy down shifting auto

I find that my 1994 Euro C180 is not inclined to down shift as easily as some other cars I drive like the Camry and Corolla and Nissan Pulsar. Even a Volvo I once a while get to drive changes quickly. Occurs often going uphill, especially with passengers. The auto won't change down even if I step hard on the accel. Sometimes it changes after a few seconds at near kickdown stage, but not yet. Sometimes it changes long before this. Many times, I do have to kick down before it changes and its a bother to do this. I know it becomes normal after some time in the car, but don't think the kickdown system is really necessary, thats why we have an auto box in the first place. The system should know at what stage it has to change down to cope with the extra load and gradient without the driver telling it to change by kicking down. Is there any alternative? Change the box to a 5 speed? Or change the car? I still like this car as it gives me a great sense of security and comfort knowing that it will protect me to a greater extent than the usual tinbox car would. I paid a bigger price for it, but its worth it. Next change would be another Benz, maybe a later model C like the 1998 model before I venture to the 2001.
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