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OK here is my two cents about the garage.

It is probably not practical but the absolute best overall lift is a twin post inground lift. Depending on how your building codes are a used standard air over hydraulic is the way to go.

For professional shops they won't allow such lifts to be installed because of the secondary containment issue. A lot are being pulled during new construction and I have seen them cheap used.

Probably the best aspect is the lack of two big posts in your way whether a car is on it or not. Once in a bunch of concrete they have absolutely no maintenance.

If money is no issue and the containment is an issue they make dry in groung hydraulic lifts to meet the current code. With professional installtion they are the most expensive way to go.

If astetics, safety, and usefullness are paramount in-ground is the way to go. If you can get the air over hydraulic used, it can be as cheap as an electric lift; even with the install costs.
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