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Answers hopefully to come

Greetings Fellow Solution Seekers,

Mario your idle control valve if it's located in the same place that it is on a 300E is located under the air filter housing right in front. Pretty easy item to locate as it's the only valve that is about two inches in diameter with a tee on the end with about an inch or so hose slip fitted to each end of the tee. There's also a two wire connector plugged into it. Two bolts hold it to the engine in a rubber surrounding clamp. I clean the valve part of mine out with carb cleaner and then sprayed it down with wd-40 after it was completely dry. There wasn't much dirt in there and cleaning it didn't make a difference in the idle for me. Someone in another post mentioned that they applied 12 volts to the terminals and the valve rotated but that doesn't necessarily mean the circuit supplying the voltage is doing it's job, only that the valve moves when power is supplied.
If you hadn't already read Chuck Taylors last seperate post about solving his idle problem, you may want to have a look see.
We're still out here waiting for some good ideas on where to go from here. Don't want to give up on this one until it's fixed. I can wait if I need to.

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