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the best thing about the 1986-1987 w126's is that they still had a glovebox. No passenger side airbag.

i like gloveboxes. this is what makes those vintage w126's so fine. i recall some months ago when i drove my 1987 560sec into one of the local benz dealers. in front of me was a later 560sec.

the owner came out, scoping out mine. noticing my glovebox, he went loonie. shouting at the service writers how come i had a glovebox and he didn't.

calming him down, i told him that pre-1988 sonderklasses had gloveboxes. furthermore, i advised him that if he wanted to gain a glovebox, he could have the passenger airbag pulled and replace it with a glovebox.

he appeared dumbfounded, as did the dealer's servicewriter. so i continued, telling him that the parts were available. it was just a question of money.

he then asked me if i had ever made such a mod, i told him that i had. but not on my w126's. i didn't have to modify them, they were both pre-1988. but i had made such a mod on my 1995 e320cab. in fact, i think it may be the only 1995 w124 in the usa that has a glovebox.

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