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While we're discussing the 190's. I've got a 86 190E 2.3 that I've been trying to sell but due to the fact that it's front fender was hit which i've bought the replacement for but never took it to the body shop is sitting as is. Obviously those who want to buy it to put on road right away won't be attracted.
My question is. what should I do ? I really dont want to put anymore money in that car since I drive the other ones now. Should i sell the parts ? But for that I don't have the time to take the parts apart that would be requested..
any sites ? or any companies who would buy cars like these, besides the junkyard ! they wouldn't pay what I'm looking for..
It has a rebuilt eng with about 500 miles so I'm thnking perhaps existing owners who are looking for engine replacement would be interested.
I'm not selling the car here on this post. just wanted to find if there are any websites where I can get that sort of info or if someone could help me figure out how to get rid of this car for decent money.
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