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Help! Problem after changing wire harness

I had a busy Saturday changing the wiring harness on my 95 E320 Wagon. The car ran really well afterwards and I used it on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. This morning just as I was trying to go to work, the car started then died after less than a second. It can crank just fine so it is not a battery. It just does not want to start.

I know this can be quite a wide range of issues especially after changing the wiring harness. But it seems strange that it ran fine all weekend and chose Monday morning to give me problems. I will be rushing home at my lunch break to try to look over the car and especially check the connections of the harness. I wanted to see if there could be any additional things I could try. Maybe disconnect the battery to reset the computer? I appreciate any help!

1995 E320 Wagon
1996 Volvo 850GLT
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