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Just make sure your mechanic is ordering the Behr radaiator, not the Nissens. They both make virtualy identical looking radiators for your car. Only the Behr has the metal reinforcing sleeve in both the upper and lower hose necks. Without this, you'll be doing the same repair much sooner than otherwise.

While it's apart and the coolant drained, you might want to consider switching to Evans NPG+. It's a waterless propylene glycol coolant that will not freeze and the boiling point is 375 deg. f., so your system basically runs at 0 psi pressure, making it easier on all the other components. I've been using it for over 30k miles now in my '86 300E with great success. See their website at:

Make sure you don't confuse the NPG+ with the earlier product, NPG. The latter is a thick, viscous fluid intended for racing applications that requires changes to the entire cooling system. The NPG+ only requires that you get out most of the water-based coolant in the system (radiator, engine block, heater core and hoses). There are instructions that come with it that give details. The only drawback is the price, $25/gal, but it's intended to last for 300,000 to 500,000 miles, so it's pretty cost effective in the long run.

I believe in the stuff so much that any liquid-cooled vehicle I buy from now on will be immediately converted to NPG+.

If you saw the Discovery Channel documentary on the restoration of the P-38 that was buried in the ice since WWII, well, they also used Evans coolant in cooling system. You can imagine how demanding an aircraft restoration mechanic would be, especially when he knows that some pilot's life literally depends on his decisions. If you want more info on my personal experience with NPG+, please pm or email me.


Disclaimer: I have no connection with anyone who makes or sells Evans Cooling products. I'm just a very satisfied user who's happy to find a product that actually seems to live up to it's claims.
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