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Didn't mean to sound rude, honestly. Just that it's not a feature to replace diligence. My own child has a difficult time closing the stiff MB doors, and so I ensure that all doors are closed prior to "take-off."

Children ride in the back, and under 100lbs ride in booster seats or other appropriate child seats.

Even with adults getting into my car, I am the last to board. I make sure that everyone made their way in, and has no trouble closing their door or putting on their seatbelt. Sometimes elderly people have trouble stretching the belt around themselves and finding the latch, so I may need to lend a hand. Once everyone is in/secure/happy, then I hop in, start the car, and we're off. It sounds complicated, but only takes a few extra seconds. It also gives me the chance to get one more out-the-car eye-ball behind the car as I have to back out across the sidewalk when coming out the garage.

As an aside, all the dash functions and the various warning lights are covered with clarity in the owner's manual. Some of the warning lights are a little cryptic, so that's the best place to find the info.
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