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The plugs on the "other" side look good.The "other" side has new injector seals.This car developed a head gasket leak on the right side (1-4) (leaking only oil) on a long trip to california(limped it home).I removed the head had it rebuilt,(only did the one because the left side had been done just before I bought the car),new head gasket set,new cam,followers,and rails.
Ever since I have had this problem,Its been two years!I have started and run the car to operating temp about once a month since,and along the way replaced plug wires,fuel pump/filter,some vacuum lines,injector seals on right side,some rubber hoses going under the manifold and a couple other parts.It still has the same problem since the head was removed.(it ran great even with the leaking head gasket).I am not getting any fluctuation of the economy gauge at any RPM.It feels like a vacuum leak,but ???
I am about to take it to a shop.Living in so. oregon our Mercedes shops are Rare.But we have a couple choices,none of which I am excited about,plus I always do all my own auto repairs and have never taken a car to a shop in 21 years of ONLY german car ownership.
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