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ok first,
I removed ,& installed the right head without taking off the manifold,and without replacing left head gasket.Right head gasket slipped in and I torqed it down.(I researched this way of doing it before I did it and found that is what the dealer would of done in this case,although I always felt guilty about it)and this may be the problem.
I have also thought maybe I screwed up on the timing chain,but I was very careful with markings and Maybe someone could verify if it is possible that it would run this good off a tooth?I can change left side injector seals no problem.
what is the idle hose?
(I have a '75 450 sel w/D jet also for comparison)
all door locks work well,also Vac Taps? what are they?
this MitiVac,does this detect vacuum leak?
would a Tech be able to easily detect vacuum leak?
sorry for calling you fred Peter,and I really appreciate your help.
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