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280 TE checklist

I have recently purchased a 1984 280te on ebay. Have a 300td and was desperate for a gas version but I was stupid, believed the seller, and bought it sight unseen. When it arrived, it ran, but just barely.
Can anyone give me a checklist of things to go through to bring the maintenance up to speed. Oil, plugs, air filter, fuel filter, brake fluid, brakes etc., hydraulic suspension fluid, valve cover gasket etc. I have tackled. Are there other issues specific to the 280TE that I should check and maintain? Doesn't seem to have inordinate tappet noise, It's an automatic transmission car with an indicated 161K miles.
By the way, does this engine require premium fuel. I've run it on both and it seems to be fine on regular. Any help or insights anyone might have on this model car would be great... is theresomewhere i can find a 280te service manual in english?

Many thanks for any comments.
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