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Mercedes C180 1998 91000 km

Hi Guys

Just need anybody's opinion on the following irritating problems. Car drives like a dream except for the following:

1. Slight diesel like shudder when switching off. Mercedes agents say no faults and not engine mountings.

2. Slight vibration can be felt on gear lever in second gear when accelerating. Erratic. Makes rapid clicking noise at it vibrates against something.

3. Clutch has been replaced by agents at 67000km however at time heavy vibration and feedback when taking off. Started at approximately 85000km. Erratic and returns to normal after a few km.

4. Fan blower. Entire aircon system replaced by MB agents due to clicking noise when aircon switched on. Initially fan was low, aircon not cooling and compressor switched on and off every thirty seconds or so. All was resolved. Fan recently barely blows even at high setting although loud noise of fan is heard. Also feel that the aircon is not as cool as it used to be however unable to prove anything to agents.

Appreciate your help
Red 1
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