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failed emissions - suggestions?

93 300e 2.8 (m104) 70k

got it two years ago where it failed test at:

hc 162 (100) failed
co .40 (.50) pass

after new plugs:

hc 8 (100) pass
co 0 (.50) pass

this was what i considered the NORMAL OPERATING CONDITION

i had the head gasket & wiring harness replaced afterwards. put 20k miles on it over 2 years. this time around i did plugs again w/ coil connectors and failed the test:

hc 234 (100) failed (miserably)
co .50 (.50) pass

local indy spotted vacuum leak, fixed, then retested:

hc 160 (100) failed
co .52 (.50) failed

i assumed i was back to my NORMAL OPERATING CONDITION, but apparently not. my indy is closed this weekend so i've been driving around giving it an "italian tuneup". car runs great otherwise. the car was warmed up but not good and hot as recommended when i took the retest. it is almost like when i first got it when the plug change fixed everything up. but i had just changed the plugs. the only thing i did different was i left the plugs at the preset .32" where i opened it up to .34" the last time. i'm thinking of doing an oil change after the tank w/ techron in it, as i hear that helps.

anything obvious that i can check?
1993 300e-2.8
- gone now <sigh>
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