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Originally posted by Brasilia Driver
I believe those markings indicate maximum speed in the corresponding gear. One "dash" = max speed in first, etc. . .

I may be wrong, but my theory seems to work.
Please read my post right through. I know what the maximum speed in each gear marks are. The photo is reproduced from a previous post regarding that.

What I am asking is what the shading between 50 and 60 is for?
107.023: 350SLC, 3-speed auto, icon gold, parchment MBtex (sold 2012 after 29 years ownership).
107.026: 500SLC, 4-speed auto, thistle green, green velour.
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201.028: 190E 2.3, 4-speed auto, blue-black, grey MBtex.
201.034: 190E 2.3-16, 5-speed manual, blue-black, black leather.
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