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Oh yes it does,!!!!!!!!

The Idle Control Valve can and will definately mess up your idle especially if it is bad, just ask me, check my posts, on "86 300E rough Idle when warmed up" After going through what most guys had gone through, y'know changing the plugs wires, cap, rotor etc, My really fine looking Euro 380 sel, is one of the best looking on the road, but I couldn't say the same for the way it run. The same thing that most guys have been takling, y'know the car warms up and starts shaking, it idles constantly at up down up down, some hesitation when accelerating etc etc. So last week I got a used Idle Control Valve (New one is $300 from partshop) and I didn't know it was good. I got it from a parts car and changed it and drove round the block, and the car was humming!!! I mean Humming!!!!!! Anyway my problem is history now!! I know you are one of the ones who has gone through a lot of replaced parts, you may have a bad ICV. Try cleaning it first though with carb cleanere , clean it till it runs clear, and see if anything improves. You have a really fine looking car, hang in there you will soon be able to say the same for the running!!
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