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Angry aircon woes again.

I think my aircon's gone north. When switched on, the centre vents only blow very little air and its not cold. 90% of the air from the fan is coming from the 2 vents on the ends of the dash. At whatever mode of airflow, the centre vents don't seem to be blowing correctly. The cold has gone too and maybe one of the culprits is the drier which has a crack across the glass peephole. There is no dye stains or wetness or greasiness on the glass. I was told that the drier is very expensive and the labour is also a big amount to replace it if that is the only problem. To diagnose the centre vents, if they take down the whole dash, I am in big money troubles. If the fan is gone, more money down the drain. Why has this have to happen to Benzs???
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