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Question Two Questions

I removed the yellowish plastic panel underneathe the dash instrument cluster on my 95 E320 wagon and noticed a relatively large silver box in there. There is only one knob switch on the front that has a I / 0 position on it, and if you turn it to 0 the box can be pulled out. It says Bosch on it and has a multi-pin connecter on the back. What is it?

Also, and this may be a stupid question, but under the hood there is a plastic tank on the drivers side right behind the headlight that says hydraulic oil. Is it for the brakes? I see there is another tank off the master cylinder, though, so what is it?

Last question: On the tailgate of the Benz Wagon there is a black emblem that has the MB logo and says "flagship." Is this just standard or some kind of special edition? It also has a sticker on the windshield that is signed by someone Daimler.

1995 MB E320 Wagon, 41k miles
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