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First, for a specific analysis it would be very helpful if you would post complete test results and limits for all three measured emissions plus CO2 and O2 on both the 15 MPH and 25 MPH tests; also whether or not your car has an air pump. (I don't think your '86 300E has one, but need to know for sure.)

Your CO2 is low! (I disagree with your mechanic.) Good mixture, combustion, and CO cleanup in the converters should yield 15.0 to 15.3 percent CO2 and no more than 0.3 percent O2 (if the car does not have an air pump).

The converters on these cars need to be HOT!!! Make sure that the car is fully warmed up with at least 15-20 minutes of in-town driving, (preferablly a five to ten mile freeway jaunt) and do not shut off the engine prior to going on the dyno. If you have to wait in line keep the engine at 1500-2000 revs to keep the converter hot. My research with an IR gun indicates that a few minutes of idle will drastically reduce converter temperature, which can bust HC on the first (15 MPH) test.

If you'll post complete test result information I can give you a more thorough analysis. I've been dealing with this loaded dyno test for several years in SoCal and have had a number of discussions with the CARB over both the test and the training/knowledge of test technicians.

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