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Originally posted by mike690003
Is the intake manifold gasket the one located on the airbox??
If so, I have replaced that circular rubber gasket.

I have replaced every visible vacuum line and rubber in the engine bay. Where else could a vacuum leak be coming from??
No, the intake manifold is made of metal, sits on top of the head, and the gasket is not rubber.

In a combustion engine, a carburetor or fuel injection sits on top of the intake manifold, which directs fuel / air through the intake manifold and into the combustion chambers when the intake valve opens. When the pistons stroke to the top position, the spark plug fires, which ignites the fuel / air mixture, and drives the piston downward. When the piston is in the down position, the exhaust valve opens, directing the exhaust through the exhaust manifold and out through the muffler / tail pipe.
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