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Originally posted by JSquared
There isn't a 13 month limit - that's for sure. I've got a low mileage SLK230 and the FSS is pretty steady on the mileage count - looks like it ignores the time. That is why I would like to do an oil and filter change before it's due - too long between changes if I follow the FSS.

The engine types that are being mentioned - what type of engine does my car have? (Excuse my ignorance ... I'm a new owner)
None of these systems that I am aware of keep track of calendar time. For the Corvette there is a one year time limit regardless of what the oil monitor says, and it is up to the OWNER to keep track of the time interval if they want to keep their warranty in force.

Assuming Mercedes also has a time limit, as I expect they do, it will be in the owners/maintenance/warranty documentation that was delivered with the vehicle.

Reading this documentation can tell you a lot about your vehicle's maintenance requirements and how the various systems operate! A lot of questions posted here can be answered by simply reading the owners manual and other delivery documention.


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