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2.5 16V Adjustment

If you have access to a tool that secures the chain to the cam gears while threading in a new chain than why not. use it. Considering that you will most likely need to adjust a couple of the valves than camshaft R&R might be a better, more productive way to thread your new chain in.

Your valves are adjusted by using shims under the bucket. The shims are available in incremental thicknesses, at the moment I am unable to recall what that increment is. Measure the exact clearance for each valve with feeler gauges than record, determine if (in/out) of specification, remove appropriate buckets after cams are removed, perform appropriate math to solve for replacement shim needed to bring the valve lash into specification.

With spark plugs and camshafts removed you can feed your new chain in, than reinstall the camshafts to their basic “position.” Double check the “Basic Position(s)” of camshafts than rotate the engine at least two complete revolutions by hand to ensure you have no interference problems.

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